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Golf in Italy 2018

In Italy the golf came in 1903 with the founding of the Golf Club of Rome, followed in 1907 by Club Menaggio and Cadenabbia. 
In 1927 was founded in Milan, the Italian Golf Federation (FIG), to work as a private association of the Circles of Florence, Palermo, Stresa, Turin and Villa d'Este. 
The following year, allargatasi to 20 clubs, the FIG, he moved to Rome and joined the Italian National Olympic Committee. 
In 1936 he joined the Federation of the European Association of Golf. 
In 1946 changed its name in Italian Golf Association (AGI) and then resume the old name in 1959. 
Circles in 1954 had only 17 players to about 1,200, are now 31 in 1964, 90 in 1988 and 258 in 1999. 
In 1982 the Federation, establishing the National School of Golf to standardize and improve methods of teaching. Were subsequently set up courses for secretaries and Green Keepers. 
The National School of Golf is located at the Federal Technical Center. Since 1929 the Federation has its headquarters in Rome.

At December 31, 2010 are 100,548 cardholders FIG. 

In the early 80's F.I.G. decided to have a home worthy of his busy schedule of training and training of the best national players.Thus was born the idea of ​​creating its own technical center, to accommodate a functional and organic in a school for professional Golf.Il Federation Council, then chaired by Joseph Silva, decided to carry out the construction of a golf course with 18 holes and of an annex building, as the site of the National School of Golf. In 1985 he was chosen, among many bids received, the land they consider most appropriate, in the towns of Nepi and Sutri, 50 kilometers from the center of Rome, the famous American architect George Fazio designed a high-level design and offered it free to the Federation , mindful of his Italian roots. In 1986 he began work, and now you can finally see the work completed with a beautiful 18 holes plus 3 practice, with high technical quality, which is already home to several events, including the World Cup 1991. The National School of Golf is situated in a beautiful house, provided the necessary equipment for the preparation of educational and athletic golf professionals and national teams. 

The phenomenon of "golf" is a fast growing commitment of the Italian Golf Federation is the most authentic witness to the extraordinary vitality of this movement. 
This led to the Golf Masters in Mangement, a unique initiative of its kind, involving managers and professionals to better meet the challenges of the market for golf tourism. 
The best opportunity of the third millennium for our country is without a doubt, the tourism industry. A constantly evolving field, an economic resource of great potential not yet fully espresse.

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